Khasawneh Group

Dynamics & Vibration Lab
Michigan State University, MI


Dynamics & Vibration Lab

Engineering Building – 3515A

The Khasawneh group's laboratory serves as a center for hands-on research and education related to dynamical systems and time series analysis. The lab contains an optical table with vibration insulation, workbenches, a wide variety of sensors and actuators, and data acquisition capabilities. The lab's capabilities are further extended by having access to the workshop at MSU as well as several state of the art 3D printers in the college of engineering.

The lab contains a variety of sensors for capturing the dynamics of moving objects.

Data acquisition:

  • National Instruments USB-6356 X series with BNC termination
  • Dell OptiPlex 7050 small form factor desktop computer with Dell P2317H 23" Monitor
  • Versa Tables Deluxe Diagnostic Fusion Cart with basic storage tray


  • Tektronix MDO3014 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope
  • Keithley DMM6500 6 1/2-Digit Bench/System Digital Multimeter
  • Fluke 107 AC/DC Current Handheld Digital Multimeter by Fluke 107

High-speed imaging:

  • Photron Mini UX High Speed Camera
  • Nikon NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4 Lens
  • Nikon AF Zoom-NIKKOR 24-85mm f/2.8-4D IF Lens
  • Nikon AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED Lens
  • Nila Varsa V2 high-speed lighting kit
  • Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Aluminum Tripod
  • Manfrotto 410 3-Way, Geared Pan-and-Tilt Head with 410PL Quick Release Plate
  • SONY tripod
  • UV lens cover
  • Fancierstudio Green Screen Background Stand 6ft x 9ft, model H804 6x9G
  • Issuntex 5X7 ft Black Background Muslin Backdrop,Photo Studio,Collapsible High Density Screen for Video Photography and Television, two screens: grey and green, Link

Modal testing:

  • PCB modally tuned impulse hammers:
    • Model 086C02 (100 lbf amplitude range)
    • Model 086C03 (8KHz frequency range, 500lb amplitude range)
    • Model 086E80 (miniature impulse hammer (0-50 lbf)


  • PCB 352B10 miniature, lightweight ceramic shear ICP® accelerometer (1-10KHz)
  • PCB 356B11 triaxial, miniature ceramic shear ICP® (2-7KHz)
  • PCB 482C15 4-channel, Linepowered, ICP® signal conditioner/amplifier; sensor signal conditioner (2 units)


  • PCB 200B05 ICP® force sensor (5k lb comp., 1mV/lb)
  • PCB 208C02 multi purpose ICP® force sensor (5k lb comp., 50mV/lb
  • PCB 208C05 ICP® quartz force sensor (5k lb comp., 1mV/lb)

Laser Displacement Sensor:

  • Micro-epsilon Laseroptical displacement measuring system, range: 100 mm, Standoff distance: 70 mm, Model ILD1750-100
  • Micro-epsilon PC1700-3/BNC Power and output cable, 3m long with BNC connector for the analogue output signal
  • Micro-epsilon IF2001/USB Single Channel RS422/USB Converter

Rotation sensors:

  • Terahertz technologiesLT880 laser tachometer
  • FRABA UCD-AVP02-0413-R06A-CRW absolute magnetic rotary analog encoder (x2)

Audio signal:

  • low-cost ICP® microphone with integral preamplifier and BNC jack connector (model 130F20)

Acoustic Emission Sensor

  • Kistler 8152C acoustic emission sensor (range 100KHz-900KHz)
  • Kistler 5125C1 Acoustic Emission Coupler

Signal generator:

  • Keysight 33511B signal generator

Mechanical shakers

  • APS Dynamics Shaker:

    • APS 129 vibration exciter
    • APS 125 Power amplifier
    • APS 1291 Vertical mounting kit
  • Piezo Actuator:

    • Newport Piezo Stack Actuator, 0.025 mm Travel Range, Open-loop, Model NPA25
    • Newport Piezo Stack Amplifier, 3 Channel, Open-loop, Model NPC3

DC Motors:

  • Trinamic Motion Control Brushless (BLDC) DC Motor Standard 4000 RPM 77.5W 24VDC, QBL4208-81-04-019
  • Texas Instruments three-phase smart gate driver evaluation module, DRV8350H-EVM

The group utilizes a combination of proprietary and open source software to perform scientific computations, design and build experiments, and create illustrations and class material. The following lists include some of the major software that the group uses.

Scientific computing software

In addition to using proprietary software, mainly Matlab, a significant amount of the group's work is performed using open-source software.

Illustrations and class material

The figures necessary for disseminating the results of the group's research are created using:



The lab has access to the university license for:

Other equipment:

  • Optical Table:

    • RS2000 Series Optical Table, 4 ft x 8 ft x 12 in., ΒΌ-20 holes
    • set of four S-2000 series 23.5in tall standard isolators with automatic leveling
    • compact magnetic base holding force 90lb, model Newport
    • Lab Jack, 160 x 240 mm, 120 mm Range, 100 mm Min. Height, 500 N Load
    • Rotatable Platform, Mounts Components at Arbitrary Angle
    • Optical Support Rod, 14 in., 1.5 in. Diameter, 1/4-20
    • Rod Platform, Three Machined Mounting Surfaces
  • Power Supplies:

    • B&K Precision 1901B Switching Mode Power Supply 1-32 VDC 30A
    • B&K Precision 1762 DC power supply
    • B&K Precision 1761 DC power supply
  • Mass measurement:

    • Ohaus SP601 Scout Pro portable balance (600 g capacity)
    • Ohaus SPX2201 Scout Analytical Balance, 2200 g x 0.1 g
    • Troemner Electronic, metric weight set. Range: 1kg-100g. Class 2, with traceable certificate (Part 8270T)
  • Tools:

  • Height Gauge:

    • Starrett 3754-12/300 Electronic Height Gauge (12 inches)
    • Starrett 70ACZ7 Dial Test Indicator with Dovetail Mount
  • Tripp Lite Isobar ultra Surge Protectors
  • Cables & connectors:

    • PCB 002C10 General purpose coaxial cable, 10-ft, 10-32 plug to BNC plug (x4)
    • PCB 003C10, Low-noise coaxial cable, 10-ft, 10-32 coaxial plug to BNC plug
    • PCB 002T10 General purpose coaxial cable, 10-ft, BNC plug to BNC plug (x4)
    • PCB 002T20 General purpose coaxial cable, 20-ft, BNC plug to BNC plug (x4)
    • PCB 002T03 General purpose coaxial cable, 3-ft, BNC plug to BNC plug (x12)
    • L-com BC2700K 5-piece BNC/Dual banana adapter kit
  • Storage & organization:

  • Data Storage and Backup:

    • WD My Passport 2TB portable external USB 3.0 hard drive storage